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When I'm Small by Phantogram
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Phantogram - When I’m Small

Take me underground,
Take me all the way
Bring me to the fire,
Throw me in the flames

So show me love, you’ve got your hands on the button now
Sure enough, You’ve got your hand on the button now

I’d rather die, than to be with you.

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my anaconda don’t want none



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aw, lillyn, that hit me right in the heart. don’t be abandoning me like that, damn. that’s cold.

you’re as

cold as ice.

i’m jaykay, i expected that shit. wouldn’t be fun if at least one person didn’t disown me. even if it was you lillyn. traitor.


i’m concerned now, see, this is the shit that lets me sleep with one eye open. my fairy god lusus, lillyn, is going to bestow upon me some kind of pretty dress.

holy shit though you’re on. we’re going to have a hell of a week next week.

= yes, just for princess anthon, the fairest of them all, of course. =
= an|>, if it |>oesn’t work out, that’s just an excuse to go shopping so either way there’s something to be gaine|>. = 
= just the way i like it. = 
= i can har|>ly wait. = 

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==> artios: walk into the club like

what up? today, i’m wearing $ock$

==> Look at this chump. 

'is that not a regular thing or? kinda gross, man.'

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Toscus watches as the young troll engages with the group. The olive girl stares at him with sharp slitted eyes before cocking her head at the vacated seat, sensing easy prey. The other two keep their faces schooled straight and hard, holding their hands like small fans before them, the navy backs of the cards dully reflecting the lamplight. 

Gutsy little kid. A smirk of approval crosses his face, teeth a flash of white in the gloom.

The heavyset bronzeblood, dealer for the moment, shoves a stack of chips at him and tosses five face-down cards in his direction. The girl and the rather swarthy teal next to her both throw chips in for the blind, the latter mumbling, “Five-ten fixed limit,” as if he fully expects Aethos to understand. They wait like hungry jackals for the boy to examine the hand he’s been dealt and place a bet. 

Devlyn appears at the door, his face its usual grouchy mask. The greenblood man leans against the door frame, arms crossed and fingers drumming impatiently as he waits for Toscus to draw himself to his feet and lope over. When Devlyn disappears back inside, he turns and pauses, wanting to see what his little charge will do before he disappears.

Quiet. Unfriendly. Obviously made up to be very intimidating. Aethos rolls his eyes internally. The people that hang around places like this are such buzzkills. Aethos glances back at Toscus momentarily before turning and hopping up into the seat he’s gestured to, tossing in his bet and taking his cards, flipping them around to take a look. Not bad, he thinks, blinking down at them indifferently and discarding two of them in exchange for new ones when his turn comes up. He’s got a full house, now, which from what he remembers is decent enough.

His face is bored as anything, the boy glancing up only when Toscus starts to leave the room, eyeing him for a second until his attention gets turned back to the game. If that’s what it could be called. These people wouldn’t know fun if it bit their bulges off, he’s sure. When it comes time, the goldblood wordlessly sets his hand down on the table face up, glancing over to see what the others had ended up with. 

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